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3 Forgotten Ways to Protect Your Home from a Break-In

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare—a break-in. Home burglary is still a common reality for millions of Americans; each year, 3.7 million U.S. homes are broken into. While modern home security makes it easier than ever to protect your property, you shouldn’t rely solely on home security systems to do the job.

Although they can alert the authorities, security systems are only a form of response, not a deterrent or prevention. These three old-school home security tips will help you keep your loved ones and belongings safe.


Take a thorough look around your yard and cut any bushes, shrubs and overgrown trees that could serve as a hiding place for intruders. High shrubbery and trees reduce visibility, which makes your home more appealing to robbers. Make sure that you keep everything in your yard under three feet, especially around doors and windows.

You should also add gravel to your walkways, which create loud footsteps that may deter burglars who want to make a silent entrance. Home landscaping can be a natural environmental defense against burglaries, so make sure you take full advantage of your property.

Secure Doors and Windows

Most standard door locks aren’t adequate enough to withstand the force of a break-in. Up your security by adding dead bolts and reinforcement locks to all your main doors. Window locks like pin locks and sash locks will make it harder for someone to slip inside, and you could also consider investing in tempered glass that makes it harder for burglars to break and crawl through. Security doors are typically hardier and hold up better against threats.

Garages are also common points of entry that many homeowners overlook. With nothing more than a bent wire hanger, home robbers can trip a garage door and gain entry to your home in a matter of seconds. The best thing you can do is have a garage door repair to make any necessary fixes before installing security locks.

Install Proper Lighting

Dimly lit or pitch-black houses and yard are often targeted because burglars know that it will be difficult for anyone to identify them. Aside from making your home always appear occupied (leaving cars in a carport, keeping kitchen lights on, etc.), you should install motion-sensor flood lights in your yard that will quickly cast a spotlight on trespassers.

Good backyard lighting also helps prevent personal injury when you’re walking the dog or spending time outdoors. LED lights are long-lasting, energy-efficient and extremely affordable.

The best way to prevent a home break-in is to always be on the lookout and in-the-loop with crime in your area. Check the local news, read reports and talk to your neighbors. Stay connected with your community, and take necessary precautions when you’re going on vacation to make sure that your home doesn’t become an easy target.

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